The Italian luxury fashion brand, Benetton, established by the Benetton siblings in 1965, found their start when oldest brother Luciano recognized a growing interest in colorful clothing . He purchased a knitting machine and proceeded to make a series of sweaters which he sold off the back of his bicycle. Seeing a future in his wears he invited his sister and younger brothers to form the Benetton Group. Their first store opened in 1966 but within three years, Benetton had expanded to a location in Paris and by the 1970s would see their brand grow to include locations throughout the world.

With a unique social activism advertising strategy that began in the 1980s which has become as famous as their fashions, Benetton has raised awareness to their brand through the nonuse of their products enticing the consumer to investigate on their own the goods behind the name. The use of models from all ethnic groups is another popular Benetton advertising stream.

The core of the Benetton Group lies in its United Colors of Benetton and Sisley brands. Their offerings consist of men’s, women’s and children’s clothing along with accessories and lifestyle products such as luggage, stationary, eyewear and perfume.

In conjunction with Selective Beauty Benetton launched their first women’s perfume and men’s cologne in 1987, Colors de Benetton. Many other fragrances followed such as the women’s perfumes Benetton Giallo, Benetton Rosso, Hot Gold and Paradiso Inferno. Popular men’s colognes include Essence of United Colors of Benetton, Benetton Blu, Benetton Verde, Funtastic and Hot.
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